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Our apartments are finally done. Well, more or less. They installed Internet last week. It looks like we've got more consistent water pressure now (I was able to take a shower in my apartment this morning!!). There's a few more minor things we're still waiting on, but this is essentially how are apartments are going to be for the year. So I figured this was a good time to introduce you to my apartment. Our apartments are essentially a single big room--this functions as a bedroom, office, living room and dining room. We also have two other small rooms--the bathroom and kitchen. It feels a little like a college dorm room again, but the school calls it an "apartment", and since I don't have a roommate and it has a bathroom and kitchen, I guess maybe it does qualify as an apartment.

The apartment building. It's shaped a bit like an 'S'. I live in the red section on the 5th floor, and there's no elevator :(. But I guess it's good for exercise.

The hallway outside my room. The entire floor is for foreign teachers.

My apartment as seen from the door. You can see how it's just one big room...there's the TV in the foreground, and my bed and computer in the background.

Some of the furniture the school provided. The couch is covered in 1's and 0's, so we call it the binary couch. The other foreign teachers hate it, but being the computer geek I am, I like it. They've asked me to read it, but there isn't any indication where to start and stop, so I haven't made any progress yet.

My TV and DVD player, which the school provided. I bought the speakers, though.

This is a typical Chinese wall decoration. Much better then a poster (but more expensive, too). I bought this for 60 RMB (about $7.50) after I bargained the merchant down from over 200 RMB.

My bed. It has a mattress, but it's the hardest mattress I've ever slept on. I'm glad I don't have a bad back, because I don't know how I would sleep on it if I did. But it seems to get the job done, and I've gotten used to it.

My computer desk: The Two Towers. On the bottom right is my panda-bear clothes hamper.

This is the side of my room. To the left is the kitchen. To the right is the bathroom. The appliance on the left is our washer. I use the bar above to hang my clothes to dry, which unfortunately takes a very long time (pants and towels can take a couple days!). The appliance on the right is a water dispenser. I can't drink the tap water, so this is where I get my drinking water.

The kitchen. It's got a fridge and microwave on the right. On the counter is a rice cooker (which I have yet to use) and this hot-plate like device that can be used to fry food, boil things, etc. Note quite like a stove, but it seems to get the job done.

Lastly, the bathroom. In China, they don't seem to ever have the shower separated like we do in the US. The floors just have drains, and the shower head just sprays water all over your floor.
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