My Chinese Acting Debut

Last Sunday, I made my Chinese acting debut. I never imagined I'd come to China and have a speaking part in a movie, but that's exactly what happened. There's a lot I don't know about the movie (such as the name of the movie...even if I did know, I doubt I'd remember it or be able to pronounce it!), but here are some things I do know:

  • It's a made-for-TV movie that is going to show on TV in the spring.
  • The story is a love story. The main male character (the guy in the purple shirt below) hits his head and gets amnesia, but still has a picture of his lover (the girl in the red dress below) and doesn't remember who she is.
  • Apparently amnesia doesn't affect language faculties, because the main character can still speak English and translate for some foreigners.
  • That's where I came in. Nina (another foreign teacher here at QFPLC) and I are foreigners who have lost our way. We ask an old guy on the beach if he speaks English in the hope that he can give us directions, but he doesn't speak English. Instead he hollers at the main character, who comes over and translates for us as we ask directions, and we continue on our merry way. The entire scene takes about 2 minutes, but we did about 15 takes from a variety of different camera angles.

How did I wind up doing this? That's a good question. I guess foreigners are in short supply. The movie company contacted the school, knowing that since the school is a foreign language college, they would have some foreign teachers. The International Cooperation office (which is the office of the school that deals with us foreign teachers) asked me to do it. I was reluctant at first, but I was short on money since the school hadn't yet paid us and the movie company was paying 200 RMB, so I said yes. And in the end it was pretty fun and interesting. And at the very least, it makes a good story :). Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.

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