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Before coming to China, I knew I wanted to start a blog for keeping family & friends updated about my life in China. Several websites mentioned that blogger is blocked in China but Xanga is not. So I started a xanga blog.

It turns out that they're wrong. Blogger is not blocked in China. I much prefer Blogger to Xanga, and since Blogger isn't blocked in China and my blogging is just getting started...I've decided to switch. So this is my new blog home :). Blogger's got some nice features--for example, you know longer have to register to leave a comment!--so I thought it worth the switch.

I also got the internet installed at my apartment today, so now it'll be much easier to post stuff. There's a bunch of stuff I've wanted to blog about but haven't been able to since I didn't have an internet connection. So there should be several posts in the next several days.
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