Only in China...

Yesterday morning I went to teach my 10:10 - noon class, and when I arrived, there wasn't a single student in the classroom. Luckily, I had the phone number of one of the students, so I called her up on my cell phone. She informed me that class had been cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday at the same time because the students needed to get graduation pictures taken. This was the first I had heard anything about this--no one from the school had mentioned anything about this. Of course, Sunday morning I already had plans--I get together with the other ELT Edge teachers on Sunday mornings.

Why would a school cancel a class and reschedule it, all without talking with the teacher?

In China, I don't even think this is a rare occurrence--I've heard of it happening before. In the end, the Dean of the English department came to me to apologize and he cancelled the rescheduled class. So now it's just a cancelled class and I don't have to make it up, which is nice. It really wouldn't be fair (and also a violation of the contract I signed with the school) to make me make the class up.

Can you imagine this happening at a college in the US?
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