Ganen Jie

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is Ganen Jie (that is, Thanksgiving Day in Chinese). I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with the other ELT Edge teachers on Saturday. Tonight we had a thanksgiving dinner with the foreign teachers here at QFPLC (which included 4 of the ELT Edge teachers plus a bunch of other foreigners). It was a Chinese meal, so it wasn't much like a real thanksgiving dinner, but it was good, nonetheless.

Anyhow, this week I got inspired to compose for the first time in a long time--definitely the first time since I've come to China (I think the last thing I composed was a piece for my cousin's wedding back in March). I'm extremely happy with this piece--I think it's the best piece I've ever composed. The form is similar to some of my other pieces--in this case it's ABACABA--but there are a lot of creative things I managed to do with it. I purposely tried to force myself to do some unusual things like make some parts 5 bars or 9 bars instead of the usual 4 or 8. And man, the MIDI sounds coming out of Finale have never sounded so good--particularly the oboe. If I close my eyes, I feel like I'm hearing a real oboe, especially with the really nice vibrato finale gives it. Anyhow, I finished the piece today, so it seemed appropriate to call it "Ganen Jie". Give it a listen. And I always welcome feedback :).

Ganen Jie
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