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There are a number of things I've wanted to post on recently, but I've been having Internet issues. For some reason, the Internet has been incredibly slow here the last week or two, and some websites were completely inaccessible, such as my blog. So, I had no way to even get on here recently. This morning it just worked again. Here's the latest from China:
  • Even though I haven't posted about it recently, the water pressure problem has continued. About a month ago I mentioned that it was apparently fixed, but that was a false alarm. President Ding, the president of the college, called a meeting to tell us he had made some phone calls and the water problem was now fixed. The next morning, I was in fact able to take a shower in my apartment (which was when I posted saying it appeared it was fixed). But that was an isolated incident. The water problem remained. Every morning I had to walk down to the 2nd floor to take a shower. I didn't mention it on here because I try not to be the complaining type. But now I'm glad to report that the water problem has in fact been solved. They don't think they're going to be able to get good water pressure up to the 5th floor anytime soon, so they moved us down to the 2nd floor, where the water pressure is great. I moved on Saturday, and I'm loving being able to take a water pressure in my apartment. Plus, being on the 2nd floor has the added bonus of only being up 1 flight of stairs, rather than 4.
  • This weekend, I'm going to Beijing. I've been in China over 2 months and still haven't been to Beijing (besides landing at the airport and immediately getting in a van to come here), so I figured it's time I make a visit. I'll be leaving Friday afternoon and getting back Sunday night, so that'll give me pretty much the entire weekend in Beijing. I'm also taking a student, Allen, who speaks really good English and is going to help me get around town.
I'll probably post some more soon, now that I can access this again.

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