My Winter Travels, Part 6: Yamadera

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During my time in Sendai, Tim and I visited nearby Yamadera for part of a day. Yamadera is the site of a monastery set in these gorgeous hills. It had recently snowed, and the scenery was fantastic.

We took a short train ride to Yamadera from Sendai. You et off at the train station and you're right in the middle of this cozy small town in the valley between the hills. Above you and to your right is the trail that leads up to the monastery. Since it had recently snowed, the trail was quite quite slushy and wet. Luckily, after you payed to get in, they had water proof boots that they lent you to wear as you hike up the trail, so that helped keep our feet dry. Anyhow, there really aren't any cool stories to share about Yamadera, so I'll go right to the photos:

This is where we got off the train.

It wasn't real clear where the entrance to the trail was. Tim and I walked up these stairs, thinking it was here, but it turned out to be at another place.

The hills around Yamadera were amazing!

There was lots of this kind of stuff along the trail--statues, carvings, and weird decorations.

This was inside one of the temple-type buildings.

We saw this building from the train, so it was great to climb up to it and get the view from here.

The view of the village down below.

We met a family of 5 along the trail.

Tim and I ventured off the beaten path and found this cool overhang with giant icicles.

A lot of the trail was stairs like this.

A map of the whole place.

The next day, Tim and I visited Matsushima.
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