My Winter Travels, Part 7: Matsushima

Matsushima Picasa Photo Album
The day after Tim and I visited Yamadera, we visited Matsushima in the morning before heading to Tokyo. Matsushima is this little port town with hundreds of little uninhabited islands with interesting rock formations. Visitors can either by a ticket to walk across a bridge onto one of the larger islands to explore it, or pay to take a boat ride around a bunch of the islands. Tim had previously walked around here, but hadn't taken the boat ride, so we opted for that. Lots of seagulls followed the boat. The islands were cool, but in all honesty, I think we enjoyed feeding the seagulls more than the islands! Anyhow, some pictures:

The port town of Matsushima.

Some of the interesting islands and rock formations.

The seagulls ate right out of my hand!

After our morning visit to Matsushima, Tim and I went to Tokyo in the afternoon.
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