I know I promised to post more stuff about my trip (and indeed I'm working on that...check out my photo page to see some photos I uploaded from the trip), but I thought I'd post this first :).

Yesterday we had a blizzard. It had snowed a couple of times back in December, but it never stuck much. This time we got tons of snow--more than a foot deep in some places! This was completely unexpected. None of us had heard anything about snow in the forecast. We simply woke up to a winter wonderland. We were planning to meet with some of the other ELT Edge teachers at NE University, so we decided to brave the blizzard and try to make it downtown! Here are some pictures from the day:

All of us bundled up, waiting for the bus.
There was an accident involving 2 buses and a truck on the bridge we usually cross to get downtown. As a result, our bus couldn't take it's normal route and it dropped us off in the middle of nowhere since it wasn't going to our usual stop.

Nandaihe blanketed in about a foot of snow.
Check out this dog's boots!
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