My Winter Travels, Part 11: Suzhou

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The day after we visited Zhujiajiao, we took a day trip to Suzhou from our base in Shanghai. Suzhou is very close to Shanghai (only about 45 minutes by train) and has a long history of tourism. It was a center of silk production in ancient China. Marco Polo visited it when he visited China. It's famous for its canals and gardens--earning it the nickname "Venice of the East." It does have some canals, but Zhujiajiao had a lot more and better canals. "Venice of the East" is a bit of an exaggeration, but we did enjoy Suzhou. We basically just visited three things: the Suzhou Silk Museum, the North Temple Pagoda and the Master-of-Nets Garden. I knew very little about silk, so the silk museum was interesting, but there wasn't much to see (I didn't even take any pictures!). The North Temple Pagoda and the Master-of-Nets Garden were both well worth visiting.

The North Temple Pagoda.

Suzhou as seen from the North Temple Pagoda.

The North Temple Pagoda is an active Buddhist temple complex. In addition to the Pagoda, there were a couple temple buildings and some monks.

One of Suzhou's canals.

Map of the Master-of-Nets-Garden.

Inside one of the buildings at the garden.

One of the doorways at the garden.

My favorite part of the garden was around this pond.

Me at the Master-of-Nets garden.

The next day we wrapped up our time in Shanghai by visiting the Yuyuan Gardens before heading to Hangzhou next.
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