My Winter Travels, Part 13: Huang Shan

Huang Shan Picasa Photo Album
After spending two days in Hangzhou, we took a 5 hour bus ride to Huang Shan on February 14th. Huang Shan means "Yellow Mountain" (although it's actually a mountain range) and is one of China's most famous mountain ranges. We stayed two nights in Tangkou, the little town at the base of the mountain. This gave us a full day to hike around Huang Shan and enjoy the scenery. Overall, I'd say I enjoyed the scenery at Chang Bai Shan more (particularly the heavenly lake), but Huang Shan is justifiably famous and was well worth the visit. Let's go straight to the pictures...

My Dad and I at Huang Shan.

I like how this rock formation reminds of a hand with five fingers.

If you look closely, you can see a bridge in the bottom left corner, and a staircase carved into the mountain in the center.

My parents at Huang Shan.

There were several restaurants and hotels at Huang Shan. Everything has to be brought up by one of these guys. I sure wouldn't want that job!

Next, we took a bus back to Hangzhou and flew from there to Beijing, just in time for Spring Festival.
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