Miscellaneous Update

I haven't been blogging much recently, but hopefully I haven't lost all of my readers. Here's some of what's been going on:
  • I mentioned in a previous post that I have been creating a website for the school. It's not quite finished, but it's now online at http://dfa.qflpc.com.cn.
  • Three weeks ago, we had a group of 18 Americans here from ELT Edge. It was English Week here at the school while they were here. The students really get excited about English Week every year, and this year was no exception. Sometimes you get tired of answering the same old questions such as "Can you use chopsticks?", "Do you like Chinese Food?" and "Do you like China?" so it was nice to have some other guinea pigs foreigners here to answer those questions. Seriously though, it was a great week.
  • Last Summer, before I came to China, I played on several recording projects. One of them was recently released: Oratorio of Prayers: Supplication by Grace Seattle Experimental Orchestra. You can listen to some free song clips and purchase the CD here. (I highly recommend the songs "Canticle of Faith", "Canticle of Jonah", "John 3:16" and "The Holy Spirit"). Obviously, I'm a bit biased since I played on the CD, but I think it's a fantastic recording and a significant artistic achievement. I'm not just saying that because I'm on it.
  • There is only 1 more week of class (this week) and then finals next week!
  • I won't be coming home after next week, though. My cousin Tim and Mari Becker, a friend from college, will both be coming to visit for 2 weeks. We're planning to travel to Yunnan province, to visit Lijiang and Tiger Leaping Gorge, and then hopefully make it to Chengdu in Sichuan province before coming back here. I'll be flying home July 10th.
  • My former employer, Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, is rehiring me on a permanent part-time basis, starting this summer.
  • I've decided to come back to China for at least one more semester (I'm not yet sure if I'll be staying the whole year, or just fall semester). I also get a special contract from the school for next semester--I'll be teaching part time again (8 hrs/week rather than the usual 18) at a lower salary. With the extra time, I plan to continue to work for Intuitive from China next semester, thanks to the miracle of the internet.
That's it for now.
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