Back to China...

I'm leaving tomorrow to return to China! I got really lax about updating this thing in the last couple months (for example, today is the first time I've updated it during my entire time home in Seattle), but I'm planning to keep updating it this year in China. At least if I have readers who are still interested in reading about my life in China.

I've told several people this, but sometimes I wonder if I even have any readers, when I post stuff and don't get any comments. I know my immediate family is reading, but beyond that I wonder if anyone is bothering to read this thing. It takes a lot of effort to keep this thing updated, so I tend to post a lot less (or post nothing at all!) if I'm unsure that anyone is actually going to read it. This summer several people have told me they've been keeping up on the blog, and I had no, please leave comments if you're reading this blog and want me to keep posting more. Even if it's just "nice post", or "that's a good picture", it tells me that I've got readers and encourages me to post stuff.
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