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After visiting the Yungang Caves in the morning, Liu Kai and I went to the Hanging Monastery in the afternoon. The monastery is 1400 years old. It's a series of buildings built right into the side of a cliff, apparently supported by stilts. The buildings are joined by some rickety-looking bridges. The entire thing certainly looks dangerous, but it was crawling with tourists the day we were there.

Check out these stilts!

The guy in the middle was a guy named Jeremy who was from New York and came on the same tour as we did.

Liu Kai.

The waterfall in the background certainly added something to the scenery.

Even though this looks extremely dangerous, it's not as bad as it seems. Our tour guide told us the stilts are purely for looks. When the monastery was built, they drilled holes way back into the cliff face, and there are supporting logs that were put into the holes. For each log, two-thirds is in the whole, and only one-third is out of the rock, supporting the buildings and bridges. Still, the stilts add a nice touch :).

This was the last place we went on our trip. We caught a night train back to Beijing that evening (and this time we got beds!), and then I took a train back to the school the next morning.
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