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After visiting Rayleigh in Pucheng, Drew returned to Qinhuangdao to begin spring semester at his school.  I traveled to Handan, a city in south Hebei Province, where I met up with Mike (another ELT Edge teacher at my school).  We visited two of our students, Jeff and Angel. 




This is some famous old structure in Handan, called something like Cong Tai.


Angel and her family.


The streets of Angel's village.  They don't get many foreigners here, so everyone would just stop and stare at us.

The kitchen in Angel's home.

Angel's father is a doctor, who specializes in mending severed fingers.  This is the sign above the entrance to their clinic/home.  I guess it comes in handy so people know where to go when they have this problem...they can just hold their hand up, and say, "Yep, my hand looks like that, so I guess this is the place to go."


The artwork inside the clinic is a collage of photos of all the severed hands that Angel's father has mended.

Mike and I with Jeff's family at his home.


We played Mah Jiang one evening with Jeff's family.


I rode on the back of this motorcycle for about 30 minutes to get to where we could catch a bus back to Handan.

From Handan, I returned to Beijing, where I caught a train to Qinhuangdao.  So that's the end of my trip :).

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