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After spending a few days in Urumqi, Drew and I flew to Kashgar, landing in Kashgar on February 10th.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an "official" English spelling of Kashgar.  "Kashgar" is how it is spelled in my Lonely Planet guidebook, but I've also seen it spelled Kaxgar and Kashi.  Kashgar is only about 100 miles from the Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan borders. 

We had heard that the Kashgar Sunday market was a "must see", and since we arrived on a Sunday, that was the first thing we went to see.  However, when we asked our taxi driver to take us there, we wound up at this livestock market instead.


The Kashgar livestock market.


A local Uighar man.


Drew and I met Copper, a local Uighar English teacher.  He was very eager to practice his English with us, and took us around town a bit.


I'm not sure what animal these heads belong to.  But it still makes for an interesting picture :).




One of the highlights of our time in Kashgar was our visit to the local musical instrument store. 



Id Kah Mosque, built in 1442.

Inside the mosque.

Some local Uighar men praying at the mosque.



The streets of Kashgar.

After spending two days in Kashgar, Drew and I took a train back to Urumqi, where we caught a flight to Xi'an.

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