What's Next?

Finals just finished last week, and many people are asking me, "what's next?" I'm not totally sure, but I do know some of what I'll be doing in the near future...
  • On July 5th, I head to Hong Kong. I'll be there about a week. The main reason I'm going is to get a tourist visa so I can come back to China in August (since my residence permit expires July 15th).
  • On July 12th, I fly to Taiwan. I'm going there to help out with an English camp.
  • I'll return to mainland China on August 3rd, just in time for the start of the Olympics.
  • I'll be attending several different events during the Olympics: soccer (in Qinhuangdao) and rowing, hockey and handball (in Beijing).
  • On August 13th, I fly back to Seattle.
After that, I really have no idea...

One cool bit of news I found out today: the tickets I have for the August 6th soccer game is USA vs. Norway. I bought the tickets several months ago, so I'm lucky I get to see the USA in the one soccer game I'm going to :).

Also, there are a few other trips I took the last two years that I haven't had time to blog about yet, but I still intend to, just for the sake of completeness and so that I don't forget. So check back here in the future for those updates.
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