VCR 2.0.0 Released!

I’ve just released VCR 2.0.0 final. This marks the culmination of 6 months of work, and involved re-writing large portions of VCR.

VCR 2 is far more flexible than VCR 1.x ever was. The Upgrade doc has a high-level listing of most of the new features. I’ve also blogged about the new stuff:


I couldn’t have developed VCR 2 on my own. Thanks to:

  • David Balatero, for help with Typhoeus integration.
  • Bartosz Blimke, for help with WebMock integration.
  • Wesley Beary, for help with Excon integration.
  • Ryan Bates, for the great idea to improve VCR’s integration with RSpec using metadata RSpec metadata.
  • Loren Segal, for patiently answering all my noob YARD questions.
  • Jeff Pollard, for reviewing code and giving great feedback.
  • Avdi Grimm, for several ideas for new features.
  • Everyone who submitted patches for VCR: 2.0:
    • Benjamin Oakes
    • Flaviu Simihaian
    • Michael Lavrisha
    • Paco Guzmán
    • Ryan Bates
    • Sathya Sekaran
    • Carlos Kirkconnell
  • The Travis CI crew. Travis has made it so easy to keep VCR’s tests passing against multiple ruby interpreters!
  • Everyone who tried one of the VCR 2.0 preleases and gave me feedback.
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