New NullDB Maintainer Needed

NullDB is a handy project that makes it easy to write database-decoupled unit tests for your ActiveRecord models. The project was originally started by Avdi Grimm; two years ago, I took over as maintainer.

Since that time, I’ve focused my open source efforts on several other projects and I no longer have the time to maintain NullDB. I’m also not using ActiveRecord much these days so I’m not using NullDB as regularly as I used to. At this point there’s a backlog of issues and pull requests that needs someone with more time and interest than I to deal with.

I also have some ideas for some “next steps” I’d like to see for NullDB:

  • It’d be great to get some CI builds going on Travis.
  • NullDB should ideally be fully de-coupled from Rails, so that it can easily be used in non-Rails ActiveRecord projects. A Rails 3 RailTie can be used for deeper NullDB/Rails integration without coupling them.
  • RSpec 2 provides a great API for testing libraries to easily integrate with examples and example groups using metadata. It’d be great if NullDB took advantage of this (e.g. so that all specs except those tagged with :realdb used the NullDB adapter by default).
  • NullDB still “officially” supports Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 2.x. I think it’s time to drop support for those.

If you’re interested in helping maintain NullDB, let me know, via a comment below, a tweet or an email. If you’re interested in helping out but don’t think you have the time to take over as the main maintainer, that’s fine–it’d be great to get multiple people who can help out!

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