RSpec 2.13 is released!

I’ve just released RSpec 2.13. It’s a minor release containing a few backward-compatible enhancements and lots of bug fixes. It is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Thanks to all the contributors who helped make this RSpec release happen.

Notable New Features

Profile more than 10 examples

RSpec has featured a --profile option for a long time. It dumps a report of the 10 slowest examples. Now you can pass a numeric option to have it print more than 10 examples.

To print off the 15 slowest examples, you could use:

rspec --profile 15

let and subject declarations can use super

Users have requested this for a while. This allows to override a let or subject declaration in a nested group while delegating to the original definition from the parent group. Just use super():

describe Array do
  let(:numbers) { [1, 2, 3, 4] }

  context "when evens are filtered out" do
    let(:numbers) { super().reject(&:even?) }

Note that to use this feature, you must use explicit parens in the call to super; otherwise ruby will give you an ugly implicit argument passing of super from method defined by define_method() is not supported error.

be_within matcher supports percent deltas

This is best illustrated by an example:

# The existing `be_within` matcher (which still works):
expect(account.balance).to be_within(10).of(500)

# Now you can do this, too:
expect(account.balance).to be_within(2).percent_of(500)

include matcher can accept a list of matchers

This is handy when you want to verify something about the items in a list rather that simply verifying the items’ identity.

RSpec::Matchers.define :a_user_named do |name|
  match do |user| == name

expect(users).to include(a_user_named("Coen"), a_user_named("Daphne"))



Cucumber Features

Release Notes

rspec-core 2.13.0

Full Changelog


  • Allow --profile option to take a count argument that determines the number of slow examples to dump (Greggory Rothmeier).
  • Add subject! that is the analog to let!. It defines an explicit subject and sets a before hook that will invoke the subject (Zubin Henner).
  • Fix let and subject declaration so that super and return can be used in them, just like in a normal method. (Myron Marston)
  • Allow output colors to be configured individually. (Charlie Maffitt)

Bug fixes

  • Don’t blow up when dumping error output for instances of anonymous error classes (Myron Marston).
  • Fix default backtrace filters so lines from projects containing “gems” in the name are not filtered, but lines from installed gems still are (Myron Marston).
  • Fix autotest command so that is uses double quotes rather than single quotes for windows compatibility (Jonas Tingeborn).
  • Fix its so that uses of subject in a before or let declaration in the parent group continue to reference the parent group’s subject. (Olek Janiszewski)

rspec-expectations 2.13.0

Full Changelog


  • Add support for percent deltas to be_within matcher: expect(value).to be_within(10).percent_of(expected) (Myron Marston).
  • Add support to include matcher to allow it to be given a list of matchers as the expecteds to match against (Luke Redpath).

Bug fixes

  • Fix change matcher so that it dups strings in order to handle mutated strings (Myron Marston).
  • Fix should be =~ /some regex/ / expect(...).to be =~ /some regex/. Previously, these either failed with a confusing undefined method matches?' for false:FalseClass error or were no-ops that didn’t actually verify anything (Myron Marston).
  • Add compatibility for diff-lcs 1.2 and relax the version constraint (Peter Goldstein).
  • Fix DSL-generated matchers to allow multiple instances of the same matcher in the same example to have different description and failure messages based on the expected value (Myron Marston).
  • Prevent undefined method #split for Array error when dumping the diff of an array of multiline strings (Myron Marston).
  • Don’t blow up when comparing strings that are in an encoding that is not ASCII compatible (Myron Marston).
  • Remove confusing “Check the implementation of #==” message printed for empty diffs (Myron Marston).

rspec-mocks 2.13.0

Full Changelog

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug that caused weird behavior when a method that had previously been stubbed with multiple return values (e.g. obj.stub(:foo).and_return(1, 2)) was later mocked with a single return value (e.g. obj.should_receive(:foo).once.and_return(1)). (Myron Marston)
  • Fix bug related to a mock expectation for a method that already had multiple stubs with different with constraints. Previously, the first stub was used, even though it may not have matched the passed args. The fix defers this decision until the message is received so that the proper stub response can be chosen based on the passed arguments (Myron Marston).
  • Do not call nil? extra times on a mocked object, in case nil? itself is expected a set number of times (Myron Marston).
  • Fix missing_default_stub_error message so array args are handled properly (Myron Marston).
  • Explicitly disallow any_instance.unstub! (Ryan Jones).
  • Fix any_instance stubbing so that it works with Delegator subclasses (Myron Marston).
  • Fix and_call_original so that it works with Delegator subclasses (Myron Marston).
  • Fix any_instance.should_not_receive when any_instance.should_receive is used on the same class in the same example. Previously it would wrongly report a failure even when the message was not received (Myron Marston).

rspec-rails 2.13.0

Full Changelog


  • be_valid matcher includes validation error messages. (Tom Scott)
  • Adds cucumber scenario showing how to invoke an anonymous controller’s non-resourceful actions. (Paulo Luis Franchini Casaretto)
  • Null template handler is used when views are stubbed. (Daniel Schierbeck)
  • The generated spec_helper.rb in Rails 4 includes a check for pending migrations. (Andy Lindeman)
  • Adds rake spec:features task. (itzki)
  • Rake tasks are automatically generated for each spec/ directory. (Rudolf Schmidt)
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