Myron Marston


Experienced Senior Software Engineer who has made significant contributions to modern TDD practices through creating the influential VCR gem (which has been ported to over a dozen languages), maintaining the popular RSpec testing framework (which has over 130 million downloads), and co-authoring the recently released book, Effective Testing with RSpec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence. Outside of my open source work, I help teams design and build robust, maintainable backend services while improving development practices to increase the frequency with which we can safely deploy.

Examples of My Work

I’ve created or contributed to dozens of open source projects, mostly in Ruby. You can find many of my contributions on GitHub and Rubygems. Notable projects and contributions include:

Technical Experience

Professional Experience

Moz | Seattle, WA | Jan 2011 - Nov 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Kashless | Seattle, WA | Jan 2009 - Jun 2010

Lead Software Engineer for (Mar 2010 — Jun 2010)

Software Engineer for (Jan 2009 — Nov 2009)

Self-Employed Ruby on Rails Consultant (Dec 2009 – Feb 2010)

Qinhuangdao Foreign Language Professional College
Hebei Province, China | Aug 2006 - Aug 2008

Oral English Teacher and Website Developer

Consona | Kirkland, WA | Jul 2004 - Jan 2008

Software Developer, Customizations (Jul 2007 — Jan 2008)

Software Application Developer (Jul 2004 — Aug 2006)

Seattle Pacific University | Seattle, WA | Oct 2000 - Jun 2004

Finance Office Student Intern


Seattle Pacific University: Sept 2000 - Aug 2004, Seattle, WA

About Me

Husband and father, lapsed musician, software engineer at Square, open source developer, world traveler and Christian.